gina pina (gina_pina) wrote in the_unicult,
gina pina

R.I.P. Unicorns

I'm sorry to say, but it looks like the unicorns are extinct again.
lucky for you I went and took pictures.

I would like to say:
fuck you Houston for being such a horrible place full of horrible people.
We dont deserve the Unicorns and somebody must have let them in on that one.
if only the last show had been in Austin..
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don't they do this all the time?

i am sure they will be back.
aren't they releasing a rap album?

I have a feeling that this is another one of those Unicornish antics.
I certainly hope its not over :-(
wow.. brilliant pics. i really hope they dont let the undeserving public get to them:(
i'm not a member here, ehh.
i was DYING to go to that show.
unfortunatly my parents had to go and not let me.
i was crushed.
great pictahs.
your parents went and didnt take you?
thats some BULLSHIT
Im sorry you couldnt go.. Ill have mp3 copies of the show uploaded sometime in the near future, although thats not the same...
haha! i didn't mean it like that i guess i missed a word.
i meant to say, "that had to go be bastards and not let me go."

can't wait for the mp3 copies


February 1 2005, 22:14:01 UTC 13 years ago

ahaha my hoez are in the backround of those pictures! OVIE-OVO FOREVER!!