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The Unicorns...track ONE on new benefit CD!

Solid PR who has been doing publicity for tons of bands over the last few years has recently released a benefit CD for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Check out the track listing and you can get more info on


1. The Unicorns "I was Born (A Unicorn)"
2. Jesu, “Tired of me”
3. Hella “Song from Uncle”
4. Man Man “10lb. Moustache”
5. An Albatross “Lets Get on With it”
6. Vanishing “Cuckoo Spit”
7. Year Future “Nature Unveiled”
8. Upsilon Acrux "Ballet Instructor/Dracula (Slow Version" *
9. The Great Redneck Hope “Pssst! Hey, the Lord is awesome, pass it on”
10. S “Falling”
11. The A-sides “Everybody Knows the Way”
12. The Broadway Project “I believe in Superman”
13. The Post Office Gals “Right Click My Heart, Save as Broken”
14. Angel of the Odd “The Loved Ones”
15. Paper Lions “Line Up”
16. Lewis & Clarke “Dead and Gone”
17. Scouts Honor “Nowhere is Always Somewhere” *

1. Crystal Skulls “No room for change”
2. I Am The World Trade Center “Shoot You Down (minority report remix)
3. Discordance Axis “Sega bass fishing”
4. Mixel Pixel “At The Arcade”
5. Mommy and Daddy “Street Cleaner Demeanor”
6. Subtitle “Subtalk”
7. Ponies in the Surf “Little Boy Lost” *
8. Aqui “Eye of The Battle”
9. Oxbow “The stick(live)”
10. Shortstack "El Saboteur" *
11. The Static Age “Vertigo”
12. Rockethouse “Lock ‘N Load”
13. My Epiphany “Body Talk”
14. Thunderball Fist “G-G-Gotta G-G-Get” *
15. Flashlight Arcade “Dead to The World”
16. All Parallels “Work”
17. The Braves "Noble of Me" *

* = previously unreleased

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The Unicorns updated their site ( ) once again, as i'm sure you may know. it looks like this:

our time to be afraid.

a message from the concerned members of the
North American Hallowe'en Prevention Society

The Unicorns love candy too much. They are being punished right now.


So I was wondering, does anyone know what hallowe'en means? or is it just the same as halloween?

unicorns records/cd

hey kids,

i currently possess no job, and i am broke - if youd like any of this stuff email me with offers...i dont really check out livejournal too often

unicorns - are people too cd - yes, THAT cd
unicorns - who will cut... 12inch on pink vinyl
unicorns - 2014 7inch on purple vinyl


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